How Create The Perfect Workout Routine

Creating the perfect workout routine is very difficult for most people. If you are not a health and fitness guru you may feel intimidated or maybe even as though you do not have the knowledge to create a program that will get you the results you are looking for. Rest assured there is no one who can create a better routine for you than you! The best workout routine will be one that you enjoy doing and that you will stick to. It is always best to check with your physician before starting any new workout program.


There are several things to consider when creating a workout routine. The first and most important consideration is to determine what your ultimate goal is. Are you trying to lose weight? Maybe you are just trying to get in better shape? Maybe your goal is to just work on problem areas. Whatever it is you should be sure to keep it in mind when designing your workout routine.

The next thing you should consider are the type of activities you enjoy. When choosing the exercises that you will incorporate in your workout routine you should only do exercises that you enjoy. This will ensure that you will stick to your routine for the long term. You should also keep in mind the type of activities that you do not enjoy. Incorporating activities and exercises that you do not like is a way of setting up your workout efforts to fail.

Something else you should consider is your current fitness level. This is very important and you should be brutally honest with yourself. By attempting to perform exercises that you are unfit to perform you increase the risk of soreness and overworked muscles, injury and a workout routine that will ultimately fail.

The final consideration should be the amount of time you have to spend on your workout routine. By setting up a routine that you have enough time to complete will ensure the ultimate success of you achieving the results you desire. By making sure of the time you have to spend to workout you will be able to make sure you have ample workouts to achieve the results you desire.

Timing Your Work Out

In order to get the best results from the time you spend working out you should have a range of time to work in. The following ranges will help you to construct a schedule that will fit in your lifestyle.

  • Minimum workouts a week – 3
    Maximum workouts a week – 6
  • Minimum workout time – 25 Minutes
    Maximum workout time – 45 minutes

Workouts should include resistance training and cardio training.

An ideal workout schedule would be 4 to 6 hours a week and 3 to 6 days per week.

Choosing Your Workout Level

In order to best determine your workout level you need to examine your lifestyle. If you are sedentary it is most likely that you should follow the minimum guidelines. If you are routinely active you have two mid-levels to choose from. If you are a workout fanatic obviously you would choose the highest level.

  • Reps:
    Low 5 to 8
    Low Medium 8-12
    High Medium 12-15
    High 15+ Length Between Reps
  • Time between reps:
    1-3 Reps/Rest 3 to 5 Minutes
    4-7 Reps/ Rest 2 to 3 Minutes
    8-12 Reps/ Rest 1 to 2 Minutes
    13+ Reps/1 Minute Or Less

Keep in mind that when determining what you want to accomplish you should tailor your reps to fit the results. These are guidelines for ultimate workout goals. You should build to these levels gradually.

1-5 reps build dense muscle and strength.
6-12 reps balance strength and endurance.
12+ reps builds endurance.

  • Sets:
    3-5 Sets Per Exercise
    Beginners should limit their total sets per workout. An average should be 12-25 sets per workout.

slimmer_waist-27Here are the areas you should work each time you workout. Choose one or two from each category. Be sure to mix it up so that your body keeps working at optimum levels.

  • Quads
    Leg Press
    Leg Extensions
    Bench Step Up
  • Butt/Hamstrings
    Single Leg Front Raises
    Leg Curls
  • Chest/Shoulder/Biceps
    Bench Press
    Incline Machine Press
  • Back/Biceps/Forearms
    Farmer’s Carry
    Towel Pull-Up
    Grip Crushers
    Standing Bicep Cable Curl
    Hammer Curls
  • Core Abs & Lower Back
    Pelvic Tilt
    Dolphin Plank
    Trunk Curl
    Leg Lifts

Helpful Hints For Successful Workouts

  • Warm up before every workout
  • Keep a journal
  • Mix it up